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AVLOG Aeronáutica is also present in Military Aviation through the pieces and components that are part of the most modern fighter aircrafts. (The picture shows the A-400M military airplane, program in which AVLOG Aeronáutica is involved).

AVLOG Aeronáutica specializes in locating and providing new or obsolete material.
We produce material and spare part tailored Kits for military Aeronautics, meeting our clients’ needs, avoiding part surplus and stock at the client’s premises. This will result in time savings, since there will be no need to search the assembly line for the different components every time, for everything will be at hand.

These are just some of the military aviation programs in which AVLOG Aeronáutica is involved:

  • EUROFIGHTER program
  • A-400M program
  • SUPER PUMA spare parts program
  • TIGRE spare parts program
  • C- 212 spare parts
  • C-235 spare parts
  • C-130 spare parts
  • A-4 spare parts
  • F27 spare parts
  • F28 spare parts
  • Sponsons HELICOPTER NH-90

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